[Lego Star Wars] MOC – Rey Speeder (minifig Scale)


DSC02862.jpg DSC02864.jpg

For my new MOC, I used the LEGO Set of Rey Speeder to create a new one (minifig Scale) using only parts of the sets and none from my stock. The result is not perfect, but can be reproduced by anyone owning the set.

The length of the speeder is around 12 studs which is near 4 meters like “real”. I kept the weapons/tools attach on the side. Rey can stand in the speeder as she bestride it. A parts can be placed instead of Rey when she goes down.

DSC02868.jpg DSC02870.jpg

DSC02865.jpg DSC02863.jpg


As I said, the result is not perfect, but despite the parts limitation, I’m happy of the result.

I also created an other speeder (with my stock parts) for the other minifig of the LEGO set ( a « thug » of Unkar Plutt) which I called SandSpeeder (due to the color). Nothing special, but good with Rey Speeder…


DSC02879.jpg DSC02878.jpg